On the ropes

Years of cold beach holidays in Cornwall made me long for something more adventurous this year and with growing children the thought of a sports holiday appealed. It was only when my vague promise of a repeat visit to the south-west was met with howls of derision from my two children (‘It’s so cold’. ‘It’s really boring just sitting on the sand.’) that I decided to act.

After ruling out a number of options, including Italy (too expensive), the USA (too far for a short break), and France (been there many times) we settled on Slovenia. Continue reading


Pensions misery for millions

Millions of Britons expect their pensions to be worth less than they expected when they took the policies out. And more than eight out of ten Britons contributing to a pension, some 16.7m people, expect a shortfall in the value of their policies when they retire.

If people’s worst fears are realised, pensioners will be £159bn worse off. The headline figure sounds dramatic but reflects a growing gulf in the actual value of pension plans against the projected value when they first took them out. Continue reading