About Me

I’m a corporate communications director, having worked as a writer, editor and journalist for more than 20 years.

My journalistic career was pretty conventional for the first half a decade or so after I left university.

I started off writing for print publications, covering the worlds of business, finance and economics. I worked for Business Intelligence, Accountancy Age and covered the City (London’s financial district) for a number of publications, including Financial Director, Computing, The Engineer and Management Consultancy.

I became city editor of one of Britain’s leading daily regional newspapers. And then, after mulling several offers to move to national newspapers or “Fleet Street” as the industry was even then still colloquially known, I decided to join the the team at an internet start-up. It was 1999, after all, and the dot.com boom was well under way.

Our financial news and analysis website didn’t last long, particularly not after our bosses spent most of the budget on an advertising campaign. But it was a brilliant rollercoaster ride, enjoyable despite the very long hours and extremely hard work. I would not have missed it for anything.

This early digital experience taught me many lessons, which I took with me to the BBC, Associated New Media, Reuters – and later to Switzerland where I worked for the World Economic Forum and the International Olympic Committee.

I now work in the business world, leveraging the experience and skills I gained during more than 20 years in journalism to counsel senior executives on corporate communications strategy.

For fun I occasionally write about media and sport. I’m passionate about elite sport in general and canoeing in particular. I was an international canoeist once and raced for Great Britain for several years. I belong to Royal Canoe Club, and ran its website for many years – you can still find it here.

I do occasionally Twitter”>Tweet personal views but try not to take things too seriously. I also tweet in a sporting capacity as Head of Communications for the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. Plus I can be found on LinkedIn , at About.Me, and via email.

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