Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race 2019 PRESS PACK

Below are useful documents for journalists/photographers following the 2019 Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race.

MEDIA ADVISORY. Click here to download (PDF).

BACKGROUNDER. History of the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. Click here to download (PDF).

BACKGROUNDER. The 40 year old nonstop Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race record. Click here to download (PDF).

DW 2019 course times – where will competitors be and when? Click here to download (PDF).

PRESS RELEASE: 650 competitors set for annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. Click here to download (PDF).

PRESS RELEASE: Fowey Canoe Club poised for success in annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. Click here to download (PDF).

PRESS RELEASE: Injured Military Veterans take on all-comers in 125 mile Easter canoe race epic. Click here to download (PDF).

PRESS RELEASE: Team GB paddlers aim for win in Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. Click here to download (PDF).

High resolution images are available on request. 

Samantha Martyn and Bronte Holden of Wey and Fowey Canoe Clubs

Peter Wilkes and Dan Palmer of Fowey Canoe Club

Peter Wilkes and Dan Palmer of Fowey Canoe Club

Keith Moule in front with Tom Sharpe behind

Competitors in a training race leading up to the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race 2019

Offshore, out of sight, out of order

My fifth call of the month from an offshore financial adviser. These are the people who lurk outside the highly regulated ambit of UK financial services industry legislation, in just about every place where Britons work abroad – Hong Kong, Dubai, Guernsey, Malta, most major European capitals.

What’s wrong with them? Well, how long have you got? They’re usually unqualified, mostly paid by commission so hugely incentivised to sell unsuitable, cost-loaded products. Oh, and they’re also unregulated. Or at least not registered to give financial advice – with no onshore financial regulator bothered enough about checking up on what they do. In some countries it’s worse – they’re often self-regulated. All of which amounts to much the same thing: there’s no protection available for consumers when it all goes wrong. And it does go wrong, frequently. Continue reading

Brits abroad are prey for poor advice

It must be the warm weather that brings them out. It’s February and 15 degrees in Switzerland, bright sunshine and not a cloud in sight. And the phone’s ringing.

It’s yet another cold call, the fifth this week, from one of the earnest young Britons hired in droves by the usually greedy, often desperate financial services organisations that reside in lightly-regulated financial markets around the world.

Wherever you find Britons working abroad, you’re sure to find a cluster of these financial outfits, mostly managed by oleaginous shysters who couldn’t hack it in London, and staffed by ingenues with barely a grasp of finance know-how beyond the obligatory in-house crash-course in hard-selling. Continue reading

Kayak cross: “bright future” for wildwater canoeing – ICF

Canoeing currently has just two Olympic disciplines – slalom and sprint racing – but a third emerging sport is capturing public attention and offers an insight into how the sport’s future on the world stage might evolve.

Speaking at the World Wildwater Canoeing Championships in the remote Swiss mountain town of Muotathal, Jose Perurena, President of the International Canoe Federation, said he saw the development of kayak cross as a particularly exciting sign of how the sport is innovating.

“Look at what young people are doing in other sports, it’s about seeing head-to-head racing, amid much excitement and pace. Skiing has added ski cross to its Olympic repertoire with great success, I see kayak cross as an equally exciting development for wildwater canoeing,” Perurena said. Continue reading

Why online estate agents aren’t worth it


Imagine you’re buying a house, you see an ideal place on a leading property portal and then make an appointment to view with the estate agent.

If you’re dealing with one of the 10,500 or so members of the National Association of Estate Agents then the chances are you’ll speak to a real person in a real office who’s knows the vendor and has a personal stake in getting the property seen by as many people as possible. If you don’t, well, you’ll take your chances… Continue reading