Why online estate agents aren’t worth it


Imagine you’re buying a house, you see an ideal place on a leading property portal and then make an appointment to view with the estate agent.

If you’re dealing with one of the 10,500 or so members of the National Association of Estate Agents then the chances are you’ll speak to a real person in a real office who’s knows the vendor and has a personal stake in getting the property seen by as many people as possible. If you don’t, well, you’ll take your chances… Continue reading


Escape to the country

A shortage of suitable property may have driven up urban prices over the past few years but a mass exodus from towns across the UK is likely to do the same for country homes.

New research shows that more than a quarter of metropolitan househunters are trying to find properties well away from larger urban areas.

Some 27% of would-be buyers are trying to get away from City pollution and noise to find some rural calm, according to the survey by assertahome.com. Continue reading