ICF invites discussion on K2 200m future

k2vThe International Canoe Federation appeared to open the door to a discussion about what events it should ditch from the Olympic canoe-kayak programme to make way for a new women’s canoe event in 2020.

The move follows an outcry after we revealed earlier this week that the men’s K2 200m event, which debuted in London, was set for the chop. You can now have your say to the International Canoe Federation.

The ICF has published details of an online form where people with concerns can tell them exactly what they would like to stay in the programme and what they would not mind going.

The move follows the launch of an online petition expressing concern about the shape and structure of the future Olympic programme.

The ICF said that its board comprised many dedicated paddlers who are committed to advancing and developing the sport in the best way possible.

“However,” it added, “the Olympic Programme is complicated involving many different stakeholders. The ICF has to consider multiple factors when debating which events to include on the Olympic Programme. It is not an easy or enviable task.”

As we reported earlier this week, following several debates, a vote was cast in November to remove K2 Men 200m and replace it with the C1 Women 200m.

The ICF Board said it remained committed to a gender medal balance by the 2024 Olympic Games.

“As an open and democratic organisation we take all direct correspondence from the canoeing community exceptionally seriously. For this reason, we would like to offer you the opportunity to log your views via the official channel,” the ICF added.