Olympic fears over Rio continue

ioc-docIs Rio going to be a success? Olympic insiders say it’s not guaranteed. 

Despite hopes the organisers of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are going to get their act together and many smiles and handshakes at the official Session of the International Olympic Committee in Sochi today, concerns are still mounting.

Representatives of the Rio 2016 organising committee faced questions during their presentation at the Session. Observers commented that there were clear concerns regarding preparedness which, despite the 910 days left to the Opening Ceremony.

Investigative writer Jens Weinreich tweeted a photo (above) of a graphic purporting to be from an internal IOC document regarding Rio’s preparations. It shows that the IOC has red light warnings against four key areas of operations: general infrastructures, venue development, accommodation and finance.

Any one of these on their own would give cause for concern. Taken together, they spell serious problems for Rio and for the IOC – fact acknowledged by the chair of the IOC’s Rio 2016 coordination commission, the body which ensures preparations are on track, who told the Session that “constant supervision and assistance will be required over the coming months”.

The International Canoe Federation has previously been highly vocal in its concern as to the state (ie lack) of preparedness of the Brazilians in respect of canoe/kayak facilities. Although the GB sprint canoeing team is currently on a familiarisation and training camp in Brazil, word is that facilities are ‘nowhere’ near ready.